How about you don’t have to build an empire? Or dominate an industry? Or be the number one at anything?

What if you simply built a lovely life that makes you feel happy, that brings you joy, that is generative and supportive? What if you healed the parts of you that need more and more and more.

What if you realized

What if you redefined what success looks and feels like to you. What if you decided enough is enough? What if you felt satisfied in the right here, the right now? What if you realized your life is likely a lot closer to your ideal than you ever thought?

Quote "People hate their own art because it looks like they made it. They think if they get better, it will stop looking like they made it. A better person made it. But there's no level of skill beyond which you stop being you. You hate the most valuable thing about your art."
“People hate their own art because it looks like they made it. They think if they get better, it will stop looking like they made it. A better person made it. But there’s no level of skill beyond which you stop being you. You hate the most valuable thing about your art.”

What if changing the filter in which you view your life makes everything that much more vibrant? How much open empty space would be left for your joy if you stopped thinking you needed to earn it?

How much time could you spend in the actual time of your life if you let living of strive for more? How much more beautiful would this moment, right here, become for you?

In my experience, it is!

The fastest way to build a business

You see, I used to chase the next shiny thing. The next big business idea, the next way to make money. And, that was exhausting.

Then I came across Abraham Hicks. It turns out, that the secret to success is to be happy. It sounds too simplistic, doesn’t it? Hear me out.

It’s the same thing as being “here” and wanting “there”. The grass always appears greener on the other side of the fence. When we get to the other side of the fence, it’s not greener. Up close we see the imperfections.

Here and there

Then we look over there. So, it’s always a game of wanting there instead of here. But what if we could be happy with what is?

Being happy is the key. Happiness brings more things to be happy about. Appreciating what is – or something about what is – seems to attract more things to appreciate.

Be so passionate about improving your own life that you don’t have time to hate, judge, criticize, argue, and gossip about others. (courtesy of a post on facebook)

And, the more things you (and all of us) have to appreciate, the more things there are to appreciate. Soon there are many things to be happy about.

There’s a similar thing in business. People are in business to make money, but there’s a paradox. Those who chase the money have a difficult time accumulating enough of it. The people who focus on the people, attract the people. Those people, in turn, bring the money.


Which probably accounts for the 80:20 rule. Eighty percent of business will produce twenty percent of the income and vise versa. Only twenty percent of customers will produce a full eighty percent of the income.

And, here is where I will “tell on myself” a little. In the past I was what I used to call a “lazy perfectionist”, that is – I wanted my work to be perfect, but I didn’t want it enough to spend the time doing the work. That didn’t get me what I wanted.

Now I am more focused on helping others get what they want. I’m still a perfectionist and I’m still a bit lazy, but I have found that helping others succeed is much more satisfying.

This is the progression of my business. My father was an electrical engineer who had two hobbies: ham radio and black and white photography. When I was a kid, I helped my father in the darkroom.

Expressions Photography Studio website,  
Santa Fe, NM, USA, circa June 2002.
Expressions Photography Studio website (originally, Santa Fe, NM, USA, circa June 2002. (screen capture courtesy of the WayBack Machine at the Internet Archive)

In college, I studied Journalism and Graphic Design (among other things). After graduation, I didn’t really want to spend the time in the process of design (lazy again) so I chose photography. I owned a photography studio in Santa Fe.

When digital was replacing film, I decided to learn web design. I made a website for my photography business. People wanted digital images because they were quick. I didn’t like them because the early digital images were terrible!

Soon I gave up photography and I became the “webmaster” for The Message Co. Then I studied drop-shipping and affiliate marketing. In the end, I have a good living and I made at least a thousand websites.

Now, I help other people with their online business. Do you have a question? Do you want an online business? Now I have a company that sells web hosting.

Please ask me. Maybe I can help you.

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