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Need your website to do more? We've got you covered. Universal Plugins are the missing puzzle pieces you need for your website to add functionality and grow your business online. Functions are the core of any website. Yet these essential functions have frequently been an after-thought. Thousands of developers have contributed plugins for WordPress, and then abandoned them soon after.

TapSuccess has partnered with Powr Plugins to provide Universal Plugins. These plugins provide all the essential functions for your website. This means you are no longer captive to your platform. In fact, you can change platforms with ease. All of these universally coded plugins are current, platform-independent, and free to start. There are about fifty plugins that will handle the tasks you need.

What do you want to do today?

Boost Conversions Encourage visitors to take action such as making a purchase or subscribing to your mailing list. You can do that here. Build a mailing list, make a funnel, create a landing page and build your business. Entrepreneurs are welcome and encouraged to experiment with these powerful tools.

Get more followers Display your social accounts on your website for more followers and better brand recognition. You can do that here. Create an "ethical bribe" and encourage your visitors to opt-in, provide real value and get others to share on social media. We speak your language.

Collect information Get the information you need from customers: email addresses, customer feedback and more. You can do that here. Build your database of supporters, customers and learn more about them. They can help you balance negative reviews and much more when you know how to ask.

Engage visitors Keep visitors on your site with great visuals: social proof, countdowns, videos or images. You can do that here. Keep your visitors on your website and keep them coming back for more, bringing their friends.

Support customers Offer the best possible customer support with live chat, FAQs, comments and more. You can do that here. When you know what your customers want, you can help support their needs, wants and desires better, and more profitably.

Effortless growth

No need for a web developer You can do it yourself. Find all the tools you need for your website in the web's leading plugin library.

Gentle learning curve One simple login and all your plugins can be edited in the same Editor.

You're in control Manage all your plugins, subscriptions and billing in one central Dashboard.

Measure the impact With built-in analytics, you're always on top of what's best for your business.

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