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Finding Questions

Length: 10 minutes

Finding Questions

You will spend a lot of time on this project, even if it is part-time, especially at the beginning. Don’t worry. When you do this step, you will likely find several questions at the same time.

Find a subject that you enjoy – hobby, dream-job, passion,
This is your “niche”
it should be broad enough to find 100 or more good questions
It should be narrow enough to be focused on a topic you can describe
We can help you describe your niche
This can change depending upon what you find when searching Google
The best way to focus on this is to begin searching
sometimes questions you think are obvious are not answered
Other times, all the questions you ask have good answers
You want to find an area that has weak answers
This is because questions with no answers are sometimes not searched by enough people
Begin searching to find an area of interest

You can start several drafts and group some of these questions together. Drafts are a good way to save your question ideas. There is no requirement to finish, but you will have an article started. When you open your dashboard, you will see your list of posts. You can work on this when you are inspired.

DOWNLOAD: Partial Questions