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Google Research

Length: 10 minutes

Google is huge

 in 2019 2.01 billion people use Facebook
117 billion use Google
Google is used by 70% of online users

The number of searches continues to increase rapidly
Google today processes
more than 40,000 search queries every second,
more than 3 billion per day and
a little over a trillion every year (2020).

People are asking new questions all the time

There are two types of listings on Google
Paid (advertising)
Organic (web pages)
websites are made of pages, each page ranks separately
(high ranking web pages will boost the actual website)

Paying for advertising means you pay
Writing a web page means advertisers want to pay you


There are two categories of search: Supply and Demand.

There are searches that have a high demand, but also a high supply. This is too much competition.

There are searches of low supply, but also low demand. These don’t have competition but no one is searching them, either.

Ideally we are looking for high demand and low supply. These are currently being searched in Google, but Google doesn’t really have good answers, or it has weak answers.


What we are looking for are questions that are being asked of Google, but which have weak or no answers. How do we do that?