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Creating a WordPress Post

Length: 10 minutes

Creating a WordPress Post

Your site is ready for writing now. By default, you are author, your site has been set up with themes, plugins, etc.

I’m going to suggest that you wait to title your article, unless you are writing a specific article based on your research. If you are writing in a competitive field, Google may rank your article higher for a specific question.

Intro to blocks

By default, when you begin typing, your block will be a paragraph. By hovering over the blue + you can choose from headings, paragraph and other blocks, which are editing units.

Begin typing an outline

I recommend that you type your outline first. That way, you can go back and enter paragraphs under each heading.

Begin typing a Heading

You can also hover over a section of text and change from paragraph to heading and other blocks.


Begin typing title later because you may change your mind.

If you get distracted, or find that you need to gather more information, you can always save as a draft. By default, WP saves as you go. Saving a draft is a good way to save your ideas for later.

Save Your Draft

Save your posts for your Editor. Your editor will review your posts and they can publish or give you permission to publish.