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Blogging 1

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Starting Your Blogging Adventure

Welcome to the TapSuccess blogging class.

My name is Randy and I am delighted to have you join me in this adventure.

My adventure started in 2003. I have been a professional photographer. I have photographed Governers of New Mexico, the Supreme Court in New Mexico, and I was invited to places in Texas where I photographed the wealthy people’s children.

And, I can tell you that was a really good business until digital photography overtook film. The first digital photographs were absolutely terrible. The Eastman Kodak company had invented the digital camera and then didn’t develop it.

Digital photography overtook film photography and Kodak went bankrupt. And the rest of us professional photographers were left treading water.

I decided to buy a laptop and study (making) websites. I had already studied journalism in college and I was good at photography. So, I combined those in making websites.

Soon I was making websites for my friends and family, and then customers. And over the years I have made thousands of websites.

Some years later, I found that people didn’t just go to your website because they were there. They went to websites because they discovered them on Google. That when I realized that just making the website wasn’t enough. I needed to blog for it.

That’s when I discovered profitable websites. What I mean by this is, there’s the difficult way of getting people to your website (which is putting a lot of time and money into advertising) or there’s the better way.

By finding questions people are asking in Google about your website, or about your website’s category – your business. And answering those questions.

And when I began doing that, I answered really good questions.

At first, it took a while for Google to test my website, to test those answers, but after that test period was over, I started to make money.

At first it was a little bit here and there, but soon it was $1000!

And then, soon it was $1000 a month!

And before long, it was $1000 a week!

And I can tell you $1000 a week is a good income in the United States, and I think, in any country.

And, here’s the even better news. If you have a website that is earning $1000 a month or a week, you have a valuable property.

If you have a website that’s making $4000 a month, when you sell that website, it’s value is about $140,000!

So this is a project and a goal worth pursuing.

I’m going to be your guide, you will pick your own niche (pick something that you really like) something you want to know more about or something you know lots about already. And, we’re going to find the questions in Google that need answers. And, you’re going to answer them better than anybody. And when you do that, that’s easy work. And you can get paid again and again and again.

I built a really profitable website and that made really good money and that allowed me to travel, live a better life, and to live internationally.

You can do the same thing. And, in fact, you have an even better opportunity than I did, because you speak another language. And, the internet in your language is blossoming and burgeoning right now and you can always do better.

I worked very hard at this. And at the beginning, you will too. And, that’s because Google will test your website. Google only wants real quality answers to the questions people are needing answers to.

This means you will need a guide at the beginning. And, that’s where I come in. I have been down this road. I know lots of people making really good money doing this. And, I know you can too.

So this is where we can help you get to where you’re going. And, I’ve made this as easy as possible for you.

I have built the website, I will add the themes, the plugins, the security, the SSL and everything you need. Plus, I have trimmed down the admin panel, so that you have the simple interface where you can add the blog, add the photos, and save it as a draft. Your editor will review your work and approve this or make suggestions.

You can publish every week on a regular basis and by the end of the year, you will have at least 50 posts. And, many of them will be really good. And wanted by Google.

When you have really quality posts, Google will be indexing your page(s), and and it will start showing your page in about 5, 6 or 7 months. And, you will start to see results.

I know, up until then it’s going to feel like you are in a desert and nobody is watching. This is why you want to stay with this process and keep to this schedule and keep listening to your editors’ encouragement.

Because you can get there if you follow these directions, the only way to fail is to quit.

If you keep doing this according to our instructions, you will get there.

Stay with this plan for two years. This will give you enough time at the beginning to make the mistakes, and mistakes are ok, you really can’t make really big mistakes with this.

The way it’s set up, you will make 50 posts in the first year. You will learn from those 50 (at least 50, you can write more!) you will learn from those 50, what posts do they like best, and where you get the most visitors and which pages don’t get visitors. This is valuable feedback.

This will tell you where you want to write more articles. And where you want to concentrate your efforts so that you can find more visitors. And this is really sweet because Google will show you where the demand is. All you have to do is check for the supply – your competitors – and make sure that you have original content. That’s the best you can do. That’s something that you already know, that’ pretty easy. If you have to do more research, that’s even better, because if you have to look for the information, I can guarantee that there are lots of people who want this information and I can tell you that they are lazy. They will not do the work.

If you do the work, you will get the money. I recommend that you do this work.

When you have the idea for a post, you should go to your website, and start a blog with that title. If you only do that, and save that as a draft, you can always come back to that if you don’t have time to finish it.

But the more ideas you can put in there, the better. And the sooner you can do that, the better. Because when you look at a blank page, sometimes your ideas just go out the window.

But if you start with some really good ideas, saved as drafts, you can take one of those and develop it.

And, if you can do it, I recommend that you make a post every day, if you can, at the beginning. This is because Google will need to see what you can do before Google will rank your pages. So, the sooner you can write them, and the sooner we can edit them to make sure you have everything going well, the sooner we can publish those. And the sooner we can publish those, the sooner Google can test them and index them. The sooner Google will have an idea of what your website is about.

I’m thrilled to be able to help you. I welcome you to this new adventure. Let’s get started!

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