Every article should have at least one image. Some should have more, depending upon what you are saying. Some charts or graphs may also be needed if you are wanting to illustrate with numbers or trends.

Roll Your Own

As much as possible, take your own images. The same goes for your charts and graphs.

This is because stock photos have already been seen by the Google bot, at least 50 times today already. Maybe as many as 500 or 5000 times. Remember, Google has seen the entire internet.

Be Original

Why is this image on your site? What does it say about your page that your own photo couldn’t say? Take your own image, even if it isn’t breathtakingly beautiful, it is original. You get points just for originality.

Google is Blind

Always, always, always add a description in the “alt” tag. You can do this hen you upload your photo. You can also do this from the post page.

“Alt” stands for “alternative text” and it originally was meant to describe these images to someone who is blind. Google is blind. Tell Google what’s in the photo and why it belongs on your page.

Shrink Your Images

Nobody likes a slow website. The biggest factor that makes a website slow is big images. The photos from your Smartphone will be huge. There are lots of plugins and websites that can reduce the size of your images.

The Incredible Shrinking Photo

The easiest tool I have found is Facebook. It’s free, readily available, and it is optimized. Send your images to yourself in Messenger before you upload them to your website. Also, rename them using words that you use in your subheads, when possible.

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