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It’s Like Getting Paid to Practice English!

Do What You Love.

Do what you love, help other people, answer their questions and love what you do. People are attracted to you when you are happy. Some days you will work hard to find these answers. That makes them more valuable. When you follow the TapSuccess model, you will make money by doing what you love. What is TapSuccess?

TapSuccess helps people get paid to practice English by providing websites. We help people find their unique interest, find what people ask about this subject and how to write clear articles to answer those questions. We provide the website, tech support, English editing and marketing experience.

Work Once.

By working online, your efforts are multiplied. You do the work once and can get paid again and again. This will take some time. That’s normal. The better you are at finding what people are asking and the questions that have weak answers, the higher your pages will rank in Google.

Get Paid Again and Again.

The better your answers are worded, researched and written, the more visitors your page will have. The more visitors to your web pages, the higher your website will rank. The higher ranking websites are highly profitable.

Get Paid to Practice English.

Practical English.

Practice English by answering questions about your favorite hobbies. You are already motivated because this isn’t theoretical stuff from a book. This is real-world stuff that you already like or love. It’s like you’re getting paid to practice English!

Real-World Experience.

Google gets many questions every day that don’t have answers. Many of these are things you already know or can find out. You already know these things. Or, you want to know these things. Find the answers, write about them, and get paid for it.

Question. Search. Answer. Income.

TapSuccess teaches you how to find those questions, research the answers, and write the articles. You can do it. It’s a simple formula. There are always new things to discover and new ways of looking at the same information.

Get Paid to Practice English.

You already know lots about your hobby. You like knowing more about it. You spend a lot of time on it. Why not get paid to learn more about it? Here’s your chance. Get paid to practice English by writing about it.

Excellent Potential.

Real Income.

Websites have the potential to earn their owners a high salary. Websites can generate excellent long-term income from a variety of sources: info products, ads, and affiliate marketing. These choices are totally up to you. You can make changes after you start.

Your Future.

To begin, websites require your time and attention without much result. At the beginning, the hosting and domain costs are a regular expense. With time, web pages that Google needs begin to rank quickly. These can generate 1000 visitors a month.

$1000 Dollars.

Even moderately successful web pages can generate $1,000. This can grow to $1,000 per month and then $1,000 per week and more! That’s a full-time income from part-time work.

Thirty Times.

When done correctly, websites can begin earning money the first year. That amount continues to grow over time. Not only this, websites have a value much higher potential when sold. Websites are being sold for thirty times their annual gross income.

Anytime, Anywhere.

Any Place.

Ideas come at odd times. Sometimes you get ideas in the shower or while walking or exercising. That’s good! But, don’t stop what you are doing. Just make a note of the idea. Come back to this when you are ready to do some work. It’s just like getting paid to practice English!

Any Device.

While a laptop is much easier, any smartphone or tablet will work. If you don’t have your own computer or smartphone, don’t worry. You can still have your own website. We will help you.


Create your account and order your website. Your job will be to do the research and write an article that answers the question. You simply need to find the information needed, do your own research, and write your own article. Watch the TapSuccess videos and follow the directions.


Typically it takes one to two years to build a full-time income. Of course, this depends upon your definition. A full-time income for the U.S. may be different in other countries. Many people have built a full-time income with just one website.

Our Story.

We have personal experience with one website that took less than one year. Randy had been looking for a job and found an ad to drive for Uber. The car owner wanted Randy to use his affiliate link to sign-up. After 50 trips, Randy received a bonus. So did the car owner, and Randy was out of a job because the car owner signed up a new driver. That’s when Randy fully understood affiliate marketing.

Uber Website.

That’s when Randy realized he didn’t need a car to sign up new Uber drivers; he needed a new website. Randy worked very hard on this website but nothing happened for about six months. Then Randy started getting drivers. Soon he made $1000. Then it was an average of $1000 per month. And then it was $1000 per week and more! That income lasted for years.

Your Uber.

You can do this, too! Part of the secret to doing this, is to know your subject. You know something like that. You have a special skill, interest, hobby or passion. Or, it’s something you want to know about. If you don’t know something, your editor can help you. Randy knew about driving for Uber. Randy answered the questions that new drivers were asking and Google sent those people to Randy’s website. But you do have to begin. The money shows up about one year from when you start writing.

Already Have?

Already have a website. Join us! We can (usually) migrate your site to our servers, and upgrade you to a faster theme. Other than the basics, we will leave your website as it is. Most people spend 80% of their time that only 20% of visitors ever see – their home page. What we teach at TapSuccess is how to make your website profitable. The secret sauce is in the writing.

Less Expensive.

English Classes.

English classes can cost $10 to $20 per week or class. This amounts to $50 or more per month. TapSuccess is much more affordable and has the potential of actually generating an income. Besides, TapSuccess includes your own website and you own Editor. And soon you’re getting paid to practice English!

Earn and Learn.

You have the potential to earn money while you are learning. Your articles will be actually published to the Internet by your Editor when they qualify. In the beginning, there will be few visitors. This is normal.

Focus on People.

Don’t Push, Pull.

Focusing on success drives people away. Nobody likes to be sold. It’s ‘pushy’. Focus on helping people. Everyone has problems. When you help people solve a problem, they are usually happy to buy what you recommend.

Do What You Love.

Most of us have heard the expression: “Do what you love and the money will follow”. That’s mostly true, but not necessarily. You have to connect the dots.

Money Will Follow.

TapSuccess connects the dots for you by building and maintaining your website and giving you a personal editor to guide you in creating the content. This support staff helps you avoid the pitfalls and potholes along the way.

How It Works.

Google Tests.

Google will test your website for about six to eight months (6-8 months). During this time, you may feel like nobody cares. Don’t worry. This is normal. Keep working on finding new questions, researching the answers and writing your articles. The sooner you do this, and the better they are, the more results you will see at the end.

One Year.

You need to commit yourself to a one year plan. If you have been following the video tutorials and your personal Editor, we guarantee you will see results. Usually the results begin showing after six months. It’s important to stay in touch with your editor during this time, to make sure you are following the instructions carefully.


At this time, you can make choices about monetizing your website. These choices should be reviewed by your personal Editor. There are several methods: info products, ads, and affiliate marketing referrals. Then, it’s like getting paid to practice English!

All of this income is yours!

Why Not Social Media?

Social Media.

Social media are successful websites. Somebody else’s websites! TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter started as websites, then mobile sites, and then apps. They’re all somebody else’s websites.

Own Website.

In the mean time, make your own website. No matter how much money people make on social media, the owner makes more. Social media are websites where somebody else makes the rules and somebody else makes the money. Make your own website, make your own rules, and make your own money.

Make Social.

If building social media appeals to you, I recommend that you make a website that encourages public comments or input. We can help you do that. Make a beginning. Start with a website. Make a proposal for your idea. We can work with you. Let’s see where that goes.

Learn by Doing.

This is for You.

Excellent for English students, and for shy, disabled and curious people. It’s also great for people who are bored with their job, work too hard, or need extra income. In fact, you can share this with a friend or a spouse. We will take you from where you are to where you want to go in simple, easy-to-understand steps.

Step by Step.

Almost everyone has had difficulty finding exactly what they wanted in Google. Almost anyone can begin writing short articles to make that better. Actually writing articles is an excellent way to learn English. Pronunciation is not required. This may be a good fit for you, even if you are not social. We have video classes that show you step-by-step how to search, evaluate, outline and write good content in Google.

Learn Fast.

You choose your area of interest. This can be your job, your hobby or something you really want to know more about. You will watch the TapSuccess videos to learn the topics that will bring people to your website. As you write about what you like, you will be motivated. As you say something “in other words” you will learn dexterity and fluency in English.

Video Classes.

There is a short series of videos to show you what things are needed, how to find them, and how to write to fulfill those needs. TapSuccess has video tutorials for finding, creating and publishing what people need. This is included with your account and sent to you when you sign up.

Personal Editor.

Every new website has an assigned editor. These are native English speakers from the United States. Their job will be to guide students who need help with English. They will review your articles before publication. They can help you with corrections to grammar, phrasing, restating something in other words, and general English construction.

Start Easy.

Website Author.

You will be the Author of your website. You will have your own personal Editor. This person is a native English speaker and can help you with grammar, punctuation and other basics. Your Editor can review your articles and offer guidance. You can choose to publish when you are ready, or save a draft for your Editor to review.

What You Get.

  • Your own website,
  • pre-built and ready,
  • simple format,
  • easy interface,
  • clear instructions,
  • personal guidance,
  • editor review,
  • personal experience, and
  • community forum.

Simple. Direct.

You will have a simple, easy-to-understand interface. WordPress websites can be overly complicated and intimidating, especially to the beginner. That’s why you will get a pre-built, fully customized website, complete with needed plugins, custom theme, protected by a child theme, and ready to go. Your website will be monitored, managed and backed-up for security and your protection.

Your Own Website.


Once you register your account, our staff can install the website for you, complete with themes, plugins, and other configurations, exactly like we set up our own websites. You will have everything you need from day one.

Email Login.

Your website will be active when you receive this email. You will be sent the username and password via email for immediate login. Your editor is assigned automatically through the creation of your website. You will also be given access to the TapSuccess video library.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”

― Zig Ziglar

Begin Here.

Make a Beginning.

You have to begin somewhere. TapSuccess is a good place to start. We provide all the tech. We give you the video tutorials. We give you the English support for editing before you publish. You keep all of the income generated by your website.

Free Month.

The cost is less than $20 for as long as you have your website. Order your hosting plan and request reimbursement. Your first month is free by reimbursement. Reimbursement will arrive after the refund period expires. We reimburse via PayPal or Wise.

Must Haves.

Register your account with a Username and a Password. You will need an email account (Gmail) to verify this account and you will need an International Bank Card (Visa or MasterCard) either debit or credit, to complete your purchase.

Our Philosophy.

We build the technology and empower people to write about what interests them. We empower people to own their creations. We help people to benefit from their ideas and actions. We support people who are not afraid to ask for help after they made an effort to find the answer.

We like the simple, elegant and inspired things. We like ideas that are true, useful and loving. We like partnerships and a good balance between free and worthwhile. We love helping people. We love to see people succeed by doing good.


TapSuccess was founded on March 18, 2003. Before Facebook (February 4, 2004), Twitter (July 15, 2006) and a few weeks before WordPress (May 27, 2003). Originally the company was named for the EFT tapping technique, but quickly developed into a web hosting services company. Today it is still owned by the founder, Randy West, through Synergy Alliance, LLC based in Sheridan, Wyoming, USA. We are an international organization, serving 50 different markets.


We know this method works. We have a guarantee. If you have followed the instructions, and done the work as required, we will refund the money you have paid if you want to discontinue after one year.


Sometimes we don’t know what a job will be like until we begin. That’s ok. If you decide that this program isn’t right for you, you can ask for a refund of your payment. To do that you need to call our Sales and Support line. They are open 24/7 and the main number is +1 (480) 624-2500. There are also local numbers for your country/language.

Also, if you have a technical problem with hosting, email, SSL, etc., please contact the Sales and Support staff by phone 24/7.

TapSuccess (and Bytique) hosting products are backed by a top ten hosting company. Our contract staff supplies all of the tech support by phone 24/7. If you decide to discontinue products before their expiration, the Refund Policy will apply.


The WordPress management and editors are our own staff. If you have a WordPress or editing question, please send us an email. Details are available on our contact page and additional links in the footer below.

Our products are supported by a contract staff. If you have a technical problem with hosting, email, SSL, etc., please contact the Sales and Support staff by phone 24/7. The main number is +1 (480) 624-2500. There are also local numbers for your country/language.

The best way to reach our staff is by email. To avoid duplicate refunds, your reimbursement for the first month will arrive after the refund term has expired.

Begin Now.

To begin, you need to order your website. Please order the Bytique cPanel Starter Hosting. We will get notice of your order. You will receive an email with your website address, Username, Password. You can choose your domain name later. Your email will also give you access to the TapSuccess video tutorials and other resources. Do it now.

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