The DIY Website Builder is very popular and easy to use. It’s translated natively into about 50 plus languages and regions and accepts as many currencies. This is a very efficient way to build a website for most professionals, small businesses and individuals.

How it works is elegant. Create your account, add your contact information, and choose your category. Your business category is the business you have. For example: barber shop, hotel, counselor or beautician. When you select your business category, the builder will select a theme and fill it with placeholder information.

A theme is the style of your website, which includes the headlines, subheads, paragraphs, photos and the colors and fonts.

Once the placeholder information is ready (which only takes a few seconds!) you can change everything. You do this with only three steps!

  1. Click
  2. Edit
  3. Save

Yes! It’s that easy.

While there are excellent stock photos that are used for as placeholders, it’s recommended that you use your own photos. This is because Google and the other search engines have already seen stock photos. This is because other people are already using them.

Your own photos will show what you are trying to say better and you will get points for original photos. If you appear in the photos, that’s even better and you should mention it.

We have three levels of Website Builder. If you are not sure which one you want, be assured that you can always upgrade (or downgrade).

The world is always changing. If you wait for anything to be perfect, you will miss out. The most important thing is to start. Make a beginning. Then make it better.

Website Builder - Personal
Website Builder – Personal
Website Builder - Business
Website Builder – Business
Website Builder - Business Plus
Website Builder – Business Plus

You can see an example of these products on the Bytique web store.

You can have your own Web Hosting company here.

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