Put your questions into Google Trends to see if other people are searching these questions.

Put your search terms into Google Trends. You will need to enter a search term before you can set the location or the timeline. After you enter at least one search term, set your location. Set the term to at least 12 months.

When you see a search volume above the line during some months, it means there are enough other searches that Google has recorded that term.

If you see a line that is consistently above the zero mark, your search term may have too many searches. This may or may not be too many searches. Check your answers again. If you still weak answers, you may be ahead of the trend. This is gold!

On the other hand, if there are some months where there are searches, and some months without many searches, you may be ahead of the trend. This is gold! Like all Google searches, you should do this in a private browser window and while not logged in to Google.

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