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About Us

Ran West founded TapSuccess on March 18, 2003. For perspective, that’s a couple months before WordPress (May 27, 2003), a couple of years before Facebook (October 28, 2003), YouTube (February 15th, 2005) and long before Twitter (July 15, 2006) and long before Instagram (October 21, 2009).

Surprisingly, the original concept, according to West, was to make a website about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) popularized at the time by Gary Craig. He had been introduced to the concept by the multi-talented artist, Angela Treat Lyon. However, the website about EFT never actually materialized. Eventually the site became a hub for building websites and showcased the early work of West (Expressions Photography, Judi West and others).

As a child, West had helped his father in his hobby darkroom developing black and white photos. His father was an Electrical Engineer who worked at AC Spark Plug in Flint, MI. The elder West was transferred to General Motors in Milwaukee, WI shortly before West was born.

West’s mother was a school teacher who left college before graduating. She eventually went back to finish college and enjoyed a reputation for substitute teaching. She didn’t qualify for retirement due to not having a contract, which she couldn’t get because of her age. One principal determined to fight for her and granted her a contract, even though she could retire with full pension on the spot. As a courtesy, Mrs. West worked an extra year on that contract.

The website work that West did caught the attention of James Berry of The Message Co. James had simultaneously launched a movement and put himself out of a career with the International Conference on Spirit in Business in Acapulco, Mexico. Without exception, all of the attendees embodied what they had learned, and went back to their own countries and hosted conferences on Spirit in Business. After that, James turned his attention to consciousness. The Message Co., (BizSpirit.com) hosted the International Conferences on Consciousness in Santa Fe. West became the webmaster.

During this time at The Message Co. is where West met some of the world’s leaders in thought: Bruce Lipton, Freddy Silva, Susan Campbell, Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Marilyn Ferguson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Matthew Fox, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Onye Onyemaechi, Michael and Justine Toms, Jay Levinson, Neale Donald Walsch, and many others.