Instant Online Business

Like Getting Paid to Practice English!

Practice English by answering questions about your favorite hobbies.

Google gets many questions every day that don’t have answers. Many of these are things you know, or can find out. We teach you how to find those questions, research the answers, and write the articles. You can do it.

Do this anytime from any place with any device (smartphone or laptop).

While a laptop is much easier, any smartphone (or tablet) will work. You simply need to find the information needed, do your own research, and write your own article.

Less expensive than English classes.

English classes can cost $10 to $20 per week or class. This is much more affordable and includes your own website, you own Editor. You have the potential to earn money while you are learning.

Excellent for English students, shy, disabled and curious people.

Learning by actually doing is an excellent way to learn English. Pronunciation is not required for writing. However, we have pronunciation classes. If you are not social, this may be a good fit for you.

Short introduction to learning the process and format.

There is a short class to show you what things are needed, how to find them, and how to write to fulfill those needs. This is included with your website.

Simple format, easy interface, clear instructions, personal guidance and review.

You will start as an Author for your website, which means your Admin will have a simple, easy-to-understand interface. You can choose to publish or save a Draft for review by your Editor.

Get your own pre-built website, fully managed for you.

Once you register your account, our staff can install the website for you, complete with themes, plugins, and other configurations, exactly like we set up our own websites.

Excellent potential for long-term high high salary.

Websites can generate excellent long-term income from a variety of sources: info products, ads, and affiliate marketing. These choices are totally up to you, and you can make changes after you start.

First Month is Free.

The cost is $19.97 each month for as long as you have this website. You can start for free by registering your account and requesting reimbursement. This can be done via PayPal or Wise.

Must have email account (gmail), bank card (Visa or MC).

Register your account with a Username and a Password. You will need an email account to verify this account and you will need an International Bank Card, either Debit or Credit (Visa or MasterCard) to complete your purchase.

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