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Square Card Readers Profitable

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square card readers

Square card readers are coming fast. Using square card readers linked to websites, photos, videos, phones, and scanned by a free app on any smart phone, makes them ideal for marketing. The Square card readers or “Quick Response” or “QR” Bar Code has been in use in parts of Asia and Europe for some years, but is just getting started in the US. These codes can link to websites, photos, videos, phone numbers, and other information and can be scanned by a free reader on any smart phone, making them ideal for marketing products and services to the people they want to reach.

Square Card Readers Landing Pages

Square card readers can be linked to specific products or particular mobile landing pages on your website targeted only to the people who knew how to get there by clicking on your Square Code. They can also be used to take your customers directly to your payment gateway and put the money in your bank account where it rightfully belongs. The “brick-and-mortar” retailers with a store-front will appreciate that square card readers can be attached to any product in their store window. After-hours visitors can scan the code through the window and make their payment while the owner is sleeping.

Square Card Readers Payments

square card readers can also be used to take payments in a busy environment. Customers standing in line for coffee, ice cream, or snow cones could scan the code for their desired product, make their payment, and receive a time-sensitive receipt, which they could show their server. This would tell the server what flavor or size to make, speed up the line, and simplify the transaction for both.

Square Card Readers Retail Use

Retailers could offer a discount for first-time customers using this service as an enticement. Each transaction should also include opt-in permission, which the customer can immediately opt-out of from any email. The added benefit to the retailer is that they now have a record of their customers’ email address, which can be used for marketing future products, newsletter, specials, etc.

You can order your square card readers from us here or you can visit other online QR code generators.

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